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FREE Starbucks GC Promo

Date: 2019-07-11 05: 18 Author: ShopThisEasy.com View:

Dear ShopThisEasy Customers:

We are now giving away a Free Php100 Starbucks GC for every order of ₱1500 or above.

Kindly use coupon code "FREESTARBUCKSGC" upon checkout.

* Promo runs from September 14 to October 16, 2015

* Promo is applicable for every order of ₱1500 (regardless of item quantity), accumulated orders are not applicable

* On sale items are not counted to the total amount

* Promo is not applicable with any other promo

* Only 1 Free Starbucks GC can be claimed per transaction

Don't like coffee? No worries, use coupon code "NOCOFFEEPLEASE" upon checkout, we will credit Php100 as pre-depeosit to your account

which you may use it on the next order. Pre-deposit will be credited in 5 business days after the dispatching of the order.

Enjoy your coffee!


ShopThisEasy Team