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How to Pay GoBuy Order at 7-Eleven

Date: 2019-10-07 01: 34 Author: GoBuy.com.ph View:

1. Choose "Pay at 7-Eleven" as your payment method.

2. Click the "Pay Now" button once you have confirmed and submitted your order.

3. A 12-digit reference payment number will be displayed (please refer to the sample below). Take note of the payment number and present it at the cashier of any 7-Eleven branches Nationwide.

A Sample Generated 7-Eleven Payment Number (every order has it's own unique payment number):

* Payment to ShopThisEasy.com at any 7-Eleven Branches is HASSLE FREE and has NO EXTRA CHARGE.

* No need to send or inform ShopThisEasy.com once payment is done at 7-Eleven. Payment Notifications will be received automatically.

* To check the status of payment, login to ShopThisEasy.com account, click "My Orders" and view the order. Order should have the status "Paid".