How to Choose Kids’ Apparel for Christmas

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Christmas is just months away. Aside from the festivities, it’s also the time of the year when we scurry to shopping malls for major discounts and price cut backs. Why? Because Christmas means parties, and parties mean giving gifts to a lot of people. Speaking of parties, holidays are also a great time to spend our hard earned money for a wardrobe update. This includes purchasing kids’ apparel for Christmas.

Why Christmas Outfits are Important

Whenever there’s a family gathering, grandparents, uncles and aunties, and cousins enjoy dressing themselves up to look dapper. There are some who would even make it a big deal to look good. Regardless of age, fashion is a form of self expression.

Speaking of fashion, have you noticed that there is always that kid who looks good in his or her clothing but bawls because it is super itchy?

While fashionable kids are the “it” thing on Instagram these days, nothing beats comfort when it comes to choosing your kids’ apparel. And now that the weather is getting colder, parents should also take functionality into consideration.

Prepping Your Kids’ Apparel to Christmas Fashion

Other than Christmas gifts, parents are also busy looking for a Christmas outfit for their kids. No matter how crowded malls are nowadays, you have to keep in mind that holiday clothes hunting should be a fun experience for you and your kids.

Here are some pointers you need to know about Christmas fashion for kids (HINT: Santa hat is recommended but not required).

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Keep it Cute and Cuddly

Toddlers are meant to be cute, and parents should not change that just for fashion’s sake. Go for a gender neutral pair of pajamas that is perfect for both bedtime and cuddle session.

How to make it look Christmas-y? Go for red-green-white stripes with a reindeer print on it. Add a Santa hat to complete your kids’ getup.

Add Some Fun to Kids’ Apparel

Getting ready to open the Christmas presents? Let your grade schoolers be the most cheerful kid in the house with red onesies. Complete the outfit with a pair of comfortable slippers to keep their feet warm.

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Let Your Kids’ Charisma Shine

Family gathering is part of Christmas tradition. If you want your kids to stand out from the crowd, you have to pick something that will make them look charismatic.

Your little boys will look like little gentlemen in button-down shirts, classic suspender pants, and a pair of kicks. For the little ladies, a plain red dress is enough for them to look adorable. Add a red or gold ribbon on their head, a pair of shoes, and they are all set to look charming.

Preppy Look for Your Tweens

If you have kids that are almost teens, you can go for a sweater and chino pants. You can accentuate a plain top using a scarf for a friendly look. Meanwhile, a small necktie can make them look like the smartest kids in the house.

Something Comfortable for the Laid Back

If your girl does not like being dolled up for Christmas, the safest pick would be a sweater and leggings. Let her wear a beanie for a bit of a grown-up look. This is a compromise with your daughter that you wouldn’t regret.

Edgy Look for the Older Kids

Speaking of beanies, it will also work well with your teens, especially those who are still recovering for their Santa-Isn’t-Real heartbreak.

Do they want to make a fashion statement? Go for Angry Birds inspired beanies! Let them express their style with a gender neutral graphic T-shirt, a pair of dark jeans, and a pair of sneakers.

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Things to Remember When Looking for Christmas Outfit for Your Kids

Now that you have an idea what kind of look would work well for your kids, here are some things to remember when shopping for holiday clothes.

Ask Your Kids’ Opinion

You might be the one who’s going to pay for your kids’ outfit, but it’s them who’s going to wear it. That’s why it’s really important that you talk to them. Ask their preference, especially when it comes to the clothing material.

Some plaid clothes might be itchy for your kids, some are okay with cashmere sweaters, some prefer cotton shirts. Do not hesitate to ask for their opinion. Otherwise, you risk having a kid who bawls because his or her uptown Christmas look is irritating him or her.

Make Sure it’s Age Appropriate

Kids these days are more independent when it comes to decision making. Nonetheless, it is our job as parents to guide them with their choices.

It is important to pick an outfit that does not make them look like a decade older. Sure, a red dress and bow would make your little girl look adorable; but does she have to wear make up?

They’re just kids, so let’s keep it at that.

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Go Online for Kids’ Apparel Inspiration

The rise of social media brought with it the rise of fashionistas online. There are the #OOTD posts on Instagram, as well as moms who love to style their kids.

If you’re not keen about fashion, you can check out Instagram or Pinterest for inspiration. You can surely find something for your kids’ Christmas fashion. Better yet, surf the interwebs with your kids so they can pick their Christmas OOTD themselves.

There are also online stores that update their sites with holiday products-including kids apparel. Once you’ve chosen which outfit your kids would like to wear, you can buy them online afterwards. Fast and efficient, isn’t it?

It Doesn’t Have to be Red and Green

Just because it is Christmas doesn’t mean your kids’ outfit should be red and green. Adding reindeer prints or making them look like Santa is not necessary either.

Sure, it is fun for kids to look like Christmas elves, but comfort should be your priority. Holidays is about surrounding yourself with the people you love and being grateful. It’s not about winning the Best Dressed Awards.

The most important thing about Christmas is having the chance to bond with your loved ones. So, instead of stressing yourself with what your kids should wear for Christmas, you can always opt for the basics. Pick something appropriate, comfortable, and warm. You don’t want your kids to catch a cold, do you?

Lastly, you can still enjoy the holidays with or without an Instagram-worthy OOTD.

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