Plus Size Outfit Ideas for After Office Events


Sometimes your day doesn’t just end when you clock out at work. Sometimes, it’s just the start! Going out after a long hard day at work is a good way to relieve your stress or catch up with your friends! For plus size women, sometimes you may think the choices can be boring and limited. However, today we will dispel that notion. There are choices for plus size outfit and you will be surprised with the amazing possibilities!

Also, some after office events can still be related to work. Business related socializations or events are often a good way to get to know the company and the people you are working with better.Whatever the event is after your work hours, a great outfit is an awesome way to change your mood for fun! However, who has the time to change into another outfit? Everyone’s excited to go out after work, changing and preparing for the night would just cost you extra time. That time should have been spent on hanging out with your girls already.

The dilemma about plus size outfit is – you want to strike a balance. You aim for a look that’s dressier than your usual office wear but you still want to look appropriate. Nextly, it should be comfortable also. A fidgety girl is not pretty to look at. And as much as possible, you want your office look to crossover your after office event. But how do you do that? Can boring office clothes be more interesting?

Here are a couple of plus size outfit ideas that are totally wearable from sun-up to sun-down! Let’s take a look at them:

1. Lacey dresses – You can start with girly, feminine dresses such as this:

plus size outfit

Lacey dresses are a good idea for morning to night events. The color and the style is appropriate from office to after office parties. You may also choose a dress in pastel colors such as this if you want to break away from dark colors:

plus size outfit

The length of the dress is still appropriate for work, but the lacey material makes it more interesting. It lends a stylish edge to the dress that makes it an awesome party outfit too. The dress is a bit flowy and does not restrict movements, you will be comfortable the whole day wearing it.

During work hours you can pair the dress with a blazer such as this to make it look like it’s still corporate wear. Choose blazers in neutral colors such as gray or black to tone down the look during the day. Use dark blazers for lighter colored dresses, for contrast. You can take off the blazer afterwards for an evening look.

2. Off/Open-shoulder dresses – Off-shoulder dresses are the rage right now but some of you may even hesitate in wearing one to the office. However, when you think about it, they make awesome after office events outfits too. They look trendy and up to date. But how exactly do you you wear one to the office? How will you pass it off as an office outfit without Human Resource(HR) summoning you?

You can choose to wear open shoulder dresses instead such as this:

plus size outfit

It’s not as bold as the off-shoulder dress, but it still gives off a fun vibe. It doesn’t show too much arms also if you’re conscious about them.

To be able to use this during office hours, wear a blazer similar to the one shown above. A blazer properly covers you during the day and will make you look more business-like. Who would have known you’re wearing an open shoulder dress underneath! This dress is perfect for summer or outdoor events where it could get really hot.

3. Sleeveless dresses – Since we are discussing shoulders and weather here, you can even wear a sleeveless dress also. Plus size women can wear sleeveless too. This is also a great transition look. If you’re shy about showing your arms, don’t worry as the cut-outs in the dress will draw more attention to the neckline.

plus size outfit

The cut-outs around the neckline transformed the dress completely. It’s simple and stylish at the same time.

4. Shift dresses – People would sometimes dismiss shift dresses as too boring. Especially when they see the backview first. They would assume that this would just be a plain, boring dress. What they do not know, the front looks like this:

plus size outfit

It’s all in the details. There is nothing boring and plain about the drape in front. You can even choose bolder colors and add a pearl brooch to make it more different. If you’re body conscious, drape fronts are perfect for your comfort. It’s not too tight yet it still looks like a perfect fit.

5. Dressing up your pants – Some ladies are more comfortable in pants and we also have something for them. And who said you can’t wear pants to after office events? Actually, it depends on the top you pair it with. So what you do is put on your favorite slacks, the ones that fit you perfectly. You can then throw in a top with the perfect accents. Choose a top with a different cut such as this one. Open shoulder tops are great looking with pants too. Pay attention to details also, as it totally gives your look a different kind of boost:

plus size outfit

To summarize, your after office outfits doesn’t have to be limited. Even if you are a plus size, there are choices as we have seen above. There are many great ideas for plus size outfit to make you look party ready without looking inappropriate or boring. And it’s not even inconvenient as you will be wearing the outfit from the start of the day!

It’s all a matter of mixing and combining your pieces. Using cover-ups such as blazers are perfect weapons for transitioning your look from day to night. Accents such as cut-outs, drapes, and embellishments are excellent ways to change your outfit from plain to stunning!

So on your next event, you know now what to do. No more lugging around extra outfits or looking too plain during the events. Just keep in mind the tips, do your plus size outfit transition, and enjoy the night away!


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